Ordering, redefined.
Why can't you text a business? Now you can! This means no lines, no waiting, the most updated menus, and you get your food when you want it. Anything else?
Your personal information is encrypted to the highest standard. Why trust someone over the phone? Pay the way you want and we'll worry about the rest.
We are in a thousand restaurants with more being added everyday. There's bound to be something you'll like and definitely something you'll learn to.
Simpler, better, faster...
the way it should be.
Stores close, we don't. Text us whenever you want business information, updated menus, open hours, reviews, recomendations, or just to search around.
Order with your friends no matter where they are. Everyone picks what they like, and all at the same time. Never be the one that has to order for everybody.
We're not limited to the number of people on the phone, so you're never on hold. We work as fast as you are, never wait for someone to take your order.
Delivery... from
places that don't.
We can deliver from over a thousand locations already, growing everyday. That will never change since the more people that use us the better we get.
We work along side business' own delivery services and third party deliverers to get you the best price and the highest quality service. We give you more options.
We use technology to make the process better and we are always adding new features. Keep in contact with your driver and know when they arrive.
Oh yeah,
and we save you money.
Choose the way that you want to pay. We accept cash and all major credit cards and currently expanding to include Google Wallet, Bitcoin, and more.
We use some magic to group orders making the process more efficient in a way that saves everyone money, and we pass those savings onto you.
You can be the nice guy and pay for all your friends, you can split the total amongst everybody, or everyone can pay for each of their meals individually.
Seriously, what are you
waiting for?


We never share your information without your permission